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CCTV Surveillance Systems

At Emdee Telematics we provide CCTV systems across a wide range of technologies for new or existing installations when you want to migrate your current system to the new IP and Network-based technologies.
Emdee Telematics provides a complete range of solutions for a wide range of sectors detailed on our clients' page. Whether you need a few cameras or many, our solutions are easy to manage and quick to adapt to your business. Typical applications of CCTV systems include:

  • Open space surveillance
  • Building surveillance
  • Migration from existing Analogue cameras to the latest IP camera systems
  • Covert systems
  • Facial recognition
  • Number plate recognition systems
  • Mobile surveillance
  • People counting
  • Perimeter protection
  • Casino CCTV

Emdee Telematics has protected many businesses across a wide range of sectors. In the section below, we have identified some of the key markets that have enjoyed greater protection from an Emdee Telematics CCTV system.

Protecting Hospitality venues

In hospitality applications, you need to safeguard your people, but also protect your assets. These types of sites have the added challenges of the public visiting them, difficult lighting, obstructed views and the need to capture the smallest of details from your video images. Emdee Telematics systems help you to:

  • Protect visitors and staff without being obtrusive
  • Monitor detail in high definition
  • Oversee all areas of your venue

Protecting business property and your profits

Video surveillance systems are an important part of an effective building security system. CCTV systems need to protect people and property but also protect your profits. In a busy office environment, it´s important to have security that is reliable and protects your business during opening hours and around the clock. Your system needs to provide you with:

  • Sharp images 24/7 and regardless of conditions
  • Analytics, alerts, and integration
  • Solutions that expand with your business
  • Operate on open platform software

Protecting Secure sites

When you are responsible for a major site or industrial facility, you need to be prepared for all sorts of threats. With an Emdee Telematics CCTV system you can:

  • Detect and identify intruders at the perimeter before they have attacked your site
  • Use modern HDTV security cameras which allow you to zoom into vital areas
  • Use PTZ cameras that automatically follow a moving person
  • Do guard tours where the camera moves automatically to continually monitor many sensitive areas
  • Record highly detailed video scenes with HDTV image quality for future analysis
  • Use thermal cameras to detect people, vehicles and incidents even in complete darkness

Protecting Schools, Colleges and Universities

If you are responsible for protecting an educational establishment you will be acutely aware that you need to create an environment that is safe for students and teachers alike. An Emdee Telematics CCTV system can help you protect your school efficiently and reliable and to:

  • Ensure staff and student safety
  • Deter violence and theft
  • Minimize vandalism
  • Investigate incidents easily
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